Each article must fulfill particular requirements. This is why the Grahneis GmbH develops individual products for its customers who are custom-tailored for the widest variety of application areas.

Whether the customer has a finished model to serve as the starting point, a draft sketch or 'just' the description of a problem: the Grahneis employees provide consultation and suggest optimizations if neccessary. What chemical and physical properties is the article to have? What dimensional accuracy must it attain? Is it intended for use in critical areas such as in gas pipes or the foods industry? And more than anything: how can these requirements be implemented at optimal cost.

Alongside detail precision and quality, profitability is a key issue when developing products – even for low-quantity product runs and individual items. The Grahneis GmbH relies on its know-how, high-value raw materials and current production methods in order to offer the optimal product – at a fair price and at any time. Our customers can count on it.


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