The specialty area of the Grahneis GmbH is its ability to adhere to demanding norms and maximum dimensional accuracy. If required, the company produces articles with tolerances of just a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Reproducible dimensional accuracy for all production batches is required, for example, for the measurement and regulation device sector, a highly sensitive area. Using a sophisticated combination of tool technology and production machines, the Grahneis GmbH is able to produce products of particular precision.

Having its own materials compositions and specially developed tools technology facilitates dealing with alternating amounts of shrinkage, depending on the base materials being used. This guarantees tolerances of just 50 micrometers – depending on the article and corresponding requirements.

And although rubber is a flexible product: precision at Grahneis is not an elastic term. This is something that quality management takes care of – from the selection of materials, preparation of inspection reports on first samples, serial production and on to the final inspection.

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